The Club trains people, not dogs, so to progress you will benefit most from 1-2 minute training periods several times daily with your dog.
By becoming a member you agree to abide by the organisation's house rules.
Please feel free to ask for assistance from a Committee Member or an Instructor at any time.


  • Attend the obligatory introductory class without your dog present. If advised by the instructor, please attend another introductory class;
  • Wear name tag at all times whilst training;
  • Be on time for class;
  • Listen to your instructor;
  • Feel free to discuss with the Instructors, any problems you are having with your dog;
  • Be patient with your dog;
  • Wear comfortable and practical clothing (eg, gym/walking shoes, no thongs, no loose fitting/flapping clothing, no handbags) when training;
  • Advise your instructor if your dog bites or is bitten by another dog;
  • Monitor weather conditions and be aware of your dog's distress, eg: working/walking dogs in extreme heat or cold;
  • Give your dog space. For nervous/aggressive behaviour you can train further apart from the others;
  • Ask an instructor for day-use of the "I need my space" vest in class;
  • Volunteer for your club for tasks, fun days, committee work, etc. Note this is a volunteer club and it needs your support.


  • Don't leave a child aged 12 years and below unattended (ie Parent/guardian must be present on the ground whilst the Junior member is attending class);
  • No dog is permitted to enter the grounds unless on lead;
  • You must clean up if your dog fouls the ground or clubhouse;
  • Don't wear someone else's name tag;
  • Don't smoke in class or when training your dog;
  • Don't be cruel in any manner to your dog;
  • Don't bring your dog to class if it is sick or on heat;
  • Don't leave dogs unattended in cars for long periods especially in the heat.