Class Booking

The Committee and Training Sub-committee will resume training at Northern Obedience Dog Club commencing Sunday, 7 November 2021, as the first day of training. You must book in order to attend training. 

Note, we are not taking new members at present and the membership renewal period will be extended to allow members to renew their memberships with no penalty, when we return to training.

COVID-Safe Plan 

  1. As required by the Victorian Government, all members upon arrival will need to register via the Services Victoria app QR code for contact tracing purposes. Volunteers will be available to help you register if needed.
  2. All members aged 16 years and over who enter the grounds must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and must demonstrate this by showing their digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate or proof of exemption. This is a legal requirement under the Health Directions as endorsed by the Chief Health Officer in order to protect the health and safety of Victorians. 
  3. All members aged below 16 years are not required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend training, however, you may be required to show proof of age. 
  4. All members aged 10 to 12 years do not need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 but must be accompanied by fully vaccinated adults who must demonstrate this by showing their digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate or proof of exemption. 
  5. If you can demonstrate that you have a valid exemption from being vaccinated against COVID-19 by providing a medical certificate from an authorised medical practitioner, you can attend training and you will need to present your certificate upon arrival. 

Only existing MEMBERS who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 should use this booking system.

Information/Instructions for Before, During & After Class

  • Remember if you are coming to training, we need you healthy and well and adhering to all the hygiene and social distancing restrictions. Do not come if you have any symptoms of a respiratory illness with or without fever, nor if you have been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case.
  • Do not arrive at the Clubhouse precinct any earlier than 10 minutes prior to class. You will be met by marshals (instructors), who will check your training equipment, then direct you to one of the registration tables, to have your name crossed off the attendance sheet.
  • At the registration desk, you will be given a small square of coloured cardboard to indicate which training area you will be assigned to. There will be a maximum of 9 members to a training group. Your instructor will escort you to the training area, entering the oval from the Clubhouse side of the oval.
  • The training area will be a set of coloured cones, spaced 2 metres apart. Your instructor will ask you to stand beside a cone and point out the corresponding cone (spaced some 10 to 20 metres away) that you will be using as a point of reference and to assist you walking in straight lines whilst keeping social distancing.
  • At the end of the training session the instructor will escort their training group off the oval, toward the west oval, via the clearing between the vegetation. Class members can either peel off to the left, if your car is parked on the boulevard, or turn to the right using the walking path and exiting the area via the north-side of the cricket/soccer club pavilion (athletics track side).
  • If you are lucky enough to be passed up to a higher class, come back to one of the registration desks, so your details can be noted and new class dots and ribbon can be given to you.
  • The club still has limited access to the clubhouse at the moment, but we do have access to the toilets.