Membership Enrolment

In order to attend training at Northern Obedience Dog Club, a Club Membership is required. This page explains the new member enrolment process.


Current COVID-Safe Enrolment Process:
1. Email to discuss enrolment options. 
2. We may request for you to scan and email your completed Membership Form and Vaccination Certificate(s) to and to make payment online – Bank Transfer or Credit Card accepted.
3. After Enrolment, please wait for us to organise your mandatory Introduction Class online via Zoom. You cannot attend obedience classes until you complete the Introduction Class. 


Important Information / What to Expect:

  • Membership fees must be paid upfront (payment methods available: Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Eftpos). There are no weekly fees or class session fees. See ‘Membership Fees‘.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing / footwear (no thongs) when training your dog. See ‘Club Rules‘.

Veterinary Requirements
Your dog must be vaccinated against:

  • Canine Distemper
  • Canine Hepatitis
  • Parvo Virus
  • Canine Kennel Cough

Vaccination Certificates must be produced when enrolling.
Antibody titre test is accepted.

Membership Fees

Northern Obedience Dog Club Membership is made up of charges detailed below. 
VCA Insurance Levy is not required if Dogs Victoria Membership Number is provided.

Once-Off Joining Fee
Adult: $40 per person

Recurring Annual Membership Fee
Single: $30
Dual: $50 (for 2 people residing at the same address)

Victorian Canine Association (VCA) Insurance Levy
Single: $9.00
Family: $18.00


  • We offer Junior and Concessional membership at a discounted price as well.
  • Junior membership is offered to those people over the age of ten (10) years and under the age of eighteen (18) years as of the beginning of October.
  • Concessional membership is offered to those people who are the holders of a Pension Card, Seniors Card or Concession Card.

Please approach a Committee Member on duty at the Clubhouse with supporting paperwork.

Important Notes:

  • Renewals are due on 1 July each year.
  • The last opportunity to renew your membership is the last official training day of the year. After that, you will be considered a New Member.
  • Should a Membership lapse, the ‘once-off joining fee’ will be applicable to rejoin the club and you will have to re-attend the Introduction Class.
  • If you have not renewed, you cannot vote at the AGM, which is held on the last Sunday of November.
  • Only one dog per registered member is allowed in class at any time. 

Club Rules

The Club trains people, not dogs, so to progress you will benefit most from 1-2 minute training periods several times daily with your dog. 
By becoming a member you agree to abide by the organisation’s house rules. 
Please feel free to ask for assistance from a Committee Member or an Instructor at any time.


  • Attend the obligatory introductory class without your dog present. If advised by the instructor, please attend another introductory class;
  • Wear name tag at all times whilst training;
  • Be on time for class;
  • Listen to your instructor;
  • Feel free to discuss with the Instructors, any problems you are having with your dog;
  • Be patient with your dog;
  • Wear comfortable and practical clothing (e.g., gym/walking shoes, no thongs or scuffs, no loose fitting/flapping clothing, no handbags) when training;
  • Advise your instructor if your dog bites or is bitten by another dog;
  • Monitor weather conditions and be aware of your dog’s distress, e.g.: working/walking dogs in extreme heat or cold;
  • Give your dog space. For nervous/aggressive behaviour you can train further apart from the others;
  • Ask an instructor for day-use of the “I need my space” vest in class;
  • Volunteer for your club for tasks, fun days, committee work, etc. Note this is a volunteer club and it needs your support.


  • Don’t leave a child aged 13 years and below unattended (ie Parent/guardian must be present on the ground whilst the Junior member is attending class);
  • No dog is permitted to enter the grounds unless on lead;
  • You must clean up if your dog fouls the ground or clubhouse;
  • Don’t wear someone else’s name tag;
  • Don’t be cruel in any manner to your dog;
  • Don’t bring your dog to class if it is sick or on heat;
  • Don’t leave dogs unattended in cars for long periods especially in the heat.
  • Don’t smoke in class or when training your dog.