The committee meets on the second Monday of every month to discuss and decide on the management of the Club. Committee members are all volunteers, and they are nominated by Club Members, and voted in during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in November each year.

The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer must also be members of the Victorian Canine Association (VCA).

Leo Carroll
Club President

Club Vice-President 

Glenys Barnes

Glenys Barnes

General Committee

Emily Clements
Janelle Dang
Jenny Guadagnuolo
Joanne Carroll
Judith Hillyear
Kirti Bhatt
Monica Strong
Nancy Evans

Editorial Team

Barbara Van Meurs

Monica Strong

Glenys Barnes

Denise Gardner


Elaine Templeton
Cheryl Yeoh


Anna Del Bono
Chris Morrison
Cory Turp
Denise Gardner
Dwight Higgins
Emily Clements
Geoff Turp
Glenys Barnes

Glyn Burnup
Helen Chapman
Helena Steel
Joanne Carroll
Jeff Chivell
Jennifer Godber
John O’Sullivan
Leo Carroll

Maggie Jongejans
Monica Strong
Peter Dapiran
Rhonda McIntyre
Roger White
Tammy Guerrisi
Wendy Elsey

Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to members who have served the club for a period of more than ten years. The list includes members who have served on Committee and/or Instructed with the club for many years. Many of these Life Members have also given service to the wider Obedience fraternity as Judges, Stewards and Competitors.

2020 Nancy Evens
2018 Glenys Barnes 
2015 Denise Gardner 
2014 Roger White 
2013 Peter Dapiran 
2011 Rob Fimmel 
2010 Anna Del Bono 

2009 Tammy Guerissi 
2007 Sandra Atkins (Dec) 
2007 John O’Sullivan 
2006 Robert Loney
2003 Robert Rhodes (Dec) 
2003 Kirsty O’Brien 
2002 Frances Hammer 
2001 John Douglas (Dec) 
2000 Tony Stephens 
1999 Judith Hillyear 
1998 Ray O’Shannessy 
1992 Nancy Allen (Dec) 
1992 Lil Callaghan (Dec) 
1992 Jeff Chivell 
1992 Alf Briffa 
1989 Wilma McMillan 
1989 Frank Neeson (Dec) 
1987 Philip Delaland 
1987 Heather Delaland 

1985 Richie Smallwood (Dec)
1985 Geoff Turp
1985 Bill Richardson (Dec)
1984 Marcia Hall (Dec)
1984 Frank Wozniok (Dec)
1984 Dave Sheppard (Dec)
1984 Colin Hall (Dec)
1978 Noel Oakley (Dec)
1978 Maisie Jones (Dec)
1978 Joyce Oakley (Dec)
1976 Keith Rendall
1975 Merv Jones (Dec)
1975 Edna Jewell (Dec)
1971 Val Coulter (Dec)
1971 Renee Hayman (Dec)
1971 Alan Hayman (Dec)
1964 Clarrie Wild (Dec)
1963 Peter Newbold
1961 Les Mc D Miller (Dec)